About Us

This Is Hemp™ was created to help you roll in style and convenience while protecting the environment and our Earths precious resources. Many products today are made without any thought of tomorrow. From products made from our precious trees, to items being manufactured out of harmful materials and chemicals, to packaging that is hardly sustainable and super wasteful, we wanted to scream to the world, “Hey, there is another way to do this”!

It is in our DNA to push the boundaries. Questioning what is possible is how dreams and ideas become reality. At This Is Hemp™, we put this ideology to the test every day.

We definitely pushed the boundaries with the world’s first HempWood® Rolling Tray, the OG 5×8 made entirely from Hemp. The beautiful appearance and superb quality of our artisan crafted rolling trays have people going “wow, this is really made out of Hemp”! The possibilities are endless with Hemp. Foods, fuel, medicine, textiles and rolling trays. Knowing it’s made out of Hemp makes people happy. Deep down inside you can’t help but think, is any other material even half way appropriate for a rolling tray?

We raised the bar by introducing the more functional OG Pro 5×13 Rolling Tray that has your working surface and all the spots for your  favorite supplies and chill time necessities. More functionality yet still compact enough to travel with. A truly sustainable and functional piece of art, all the way down to the biodegradable, 
recyclable and compostable box the tray is packed in. Our boxes are always made from 100% recycled content and 95% post-consumer waste materials and printed with environmentally friendly Algae Ink™.

Our rolling trays are designed to use and also to stare at like a piece of art. Grab your rolling tray, take a look at it and ponder the possibilities of our planet and universe while you #rollforthefuture.

At This Is Hemp™, we create products that are innovative and exciting, and we always have new products in the works. Our rolling trays and eco-friendly packaging are designed to get you excited and inspired. If we achieve that, we have achieved our goal.

This is the future, This Is Hemp.